When we are expecting a baby or the baby is already here, it sometimes gets hard to determine what exactly to buy. This is so true, especially for new moms. The excitement and confusion makes them not know what to buy. Some end up purchasing either too small or too big items. If you did the too small mistake its very unfortunate. The too big is okay, because, the baby is growing and will soon catch up with whatever you are calling big. This article will guide you on how to buy a bathtub that will serve you longer.

Buying a bath tub


New parents can never stop worrying about their babies’ safety. The temperature of the bathing water is a major concern. To get this right, purchase a bath tub with an inbuilt temperature gauge. This saves you the hustle of trying to determine the correct bathing temperature.


For how long are you going to use the tub? Many parents make the mistake of buying a small tub, which the baby outgrows within the first three months. You should strive to get something that serves you longer. Baby stuff is quite expensive, getting to the shops again and again might be good to your pockets. Just to be sure, make the baby lie or sit in the tub, this gives you the perfect idea of how long the thing will serve you.


Different tubs have different shapes. The choice depends on the parents taste. As you choose the shape, have in mind the mode of transport and storage space. You well know the size of your baby’s room, get something that leaves space for other things. When it comes to ease transport, inflatable tubs are perfect. But you need to know that you will have to inflate them every time you want to use them. Also, the do not come with the temperature gauge.